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Vehicle Classes & Rates

  • One day of rental is based on 24 hours. Every additional hour after, you will be charged 1/3 of a day rental fee. Insurance will be charged for full day rate after 24 hours.
  • Daily mileage allowance is 150 miles. Excessive mileage is charged at 25¢/mile (Intermediate, Full Size) or 29¢/mile (Premium, Minivan, Intermediate Suv).
  • Car model will be determined at the time of rental. Depending on the availability, your desired model may be replaced by another model in the same class.
  • Posted rates are only a guideline and may change due to availability.

    Day Week Month
Intermediate intermediate car Volkswagen Jetta $99.99 $499.99 $900.00
Full Size intermediate car Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima or similar $99.99 $499.99 $950.00
Premium intermediate car Toyota Avalon or similar $129.99 $399.99 $1000.00
Minivan intermediate car Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey $159.99 $999.99 $1999.99
Intermediate Suv intermediate car Honda CRV or similar $129.99 $699.99 $1300.00